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Evil Neutral Good

Masha – NE – Goddess of the Hunt
domains: Evil Death Destruction Strength War
portfolio: hunting, endurance

Halori – LN – Goddess of Time
domains: Law Knowledge Repose Void
portfolio: Father Time, balance

Yipsy – CG – Goddess of Love
domains: Chaos Good Charm Community Madness
portfolio: Love, Life, Goodness

Vatur – LE – God of Death; The Black Shroud
domains: Law Evil Death Destruction Repose
portfolio: hunting, endurance

Sirilan – LN – God of Air
domains: Law Air Knowledge Travel Weather
portfolio: air, climate

Ulin – NG – God of Healing_;The White Veil
domains: Good Healing Liberation Protection Travel
portfolio: Healing, Nuturing, Protecting

Tindas – CE – God of Fire
domains: Chaos Evil Destruction Fire Madness
portfolio: fire, destruction

Diepe – N – Goddess of Balance
domains: Artifice Knowledge Luck Plant Rune
portfolio: balance, contracts, luck

Ronst – LG – God of Earth
domains: Law Good Earth Plant Strength
portfolio: earth, strong, messenger

Sophie – CE – Goddess of Day
domains: Chaos Evil Fire Glory Sun
portfolio: sun, desert storms

Yudin – CG – God of Water
domains: Chaos Charm Liberation Water Weather
portfolio: water, emotions, guardian of the spring of life

Jerra – CG – Goddess of Night
domains: Chaos Good Knowledge Darkness Void
portfolio: quiet reflection, well laid plans, intellectual endeavors, night

Karline – LE – Goddess of Evil Magic
domains: Law Evil Darkness Knowledge Magic
portfolio: evil magic

Daarci – LN – Goddess of Magic; Arcanost
domains: Law Darkness Knowledge Magic Water
portfolio: neutral magic, all magic

Selena – LG – Goddess of Good Magic
domains: Law Good Magic Knowledge Water
portfolio: good magic

Haethu – CE – God of Pleasure and Pain
domains: Chaos Evil Charm Trickery Water
portfolio: pain, pleasure, vice

Osnon – CN – God of Weather
domains: Chaos Air Destruction Water Weather
portfolio: sky, storms, weather

Linistron – CG – God of Culture; Magnost
domains: Chaos Good Air Charm Luck
portfolio: bards, muses, arts, culture

Dist – NE – God of Power
domains: Evil Animal Destruction Luck Strength
portfolio: power, thunder

Fresti – N – Goddess of Courage; Animost
domains: Animal Earth Glory Luck Plant
portfolio: Courage, Determination, Duty

Neng – NG – Goddess of Wisdom
domains: Good Artifice Knowledge Plant Rune
portfolio: wisdom, sharing of knowledge

Myriel – CE – Goddess of Dragons
domains: Chaos Evil Destruction Fire Liberation Scalykind
portfolio: demons, devils, volcanoes

Sunvas – CN – God of Madness
domains: Chaos Fire Knowledge Liberation Sun
portfolio: Insanity, Vice, Freedom, Chaos

Rostara – LG – God of Beauty
domains: Good Charm Community Healing Nobility
portfolio: beauty, perfection, charisma

Phyllik – NE – God of Secrets
domains: Evil Destruction Liberation Madness Trickery
portfolio: rogues, cunning

Evek – LN – God of Discipline
domains: Law Community Glory Nobility Protection
portfolio: hard work, discipline, integrity

Ionori – NG – Goddess of Agriculture
domains: Good Animal Community Healing Plant
portfolio: farms, fields, wild plants, some rangers

Sambi – LE – Goddess of War
domains: Law Evil Glory Strength War
portfolio: war, tactics

Elyst – LG – Goddess of Twilight
domains: Law Good Darkness Glory Sun
portfolio: twilight, clarity, paladins, comapassion
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Halori – LN Ulin – NG Yipsy – CG
Vatur – LE Masha – NE Tindas – CE
Sirilan – LN Diepe – TN Jerra – CG
Ronst – LG Neng – NG Sophie – CE
Selena – LG Phyll – NE Yudin – CN
Karline – LN Ionori – NG Myriel – CE
Darci – LE Dist – NE Sunvas – CN
Elyst – LG Fresti – NG Linistron – CG
Evek – LN Rostara – NG Osnon – CN
Sambi – LE Haethu – CE



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