The Bronze Brotherhood

The Bronze Brotherhood is made up of serious adventurers for hire. They find members any way imaginable. They will go to orphanages, inns, jails, etc to find recruits. They accept recruits that come to them of their own accord, or though human trade (ie slaves or soldiers as payment) The head of the organization is Maekrix Jaelayn Elmaerris, the Guild Mistress, and her three Grand Council Members. The sentinels (two per each council member) are also essential members.

The Brotherhood is an adventurer’s guild. They make contracts of all kinds (legal and not-so-legal) with all kinds of people, from Kings to peasants, and occasionally take stances on important political happenings. Every member has a guild brooch – this allows them to communicate with other guild members easily. Some members display the brooch while others do not.

All members ‘Istha’ (Brother) level or higher live in the guild hall, and there is an assembly every day after lunch. Recruits, or those otherwise not living with the guild need to check in every three days. Once every three months there is a festival that provides an opportunity for members from the different chapters to meet and relax without worrying about guild matters. There is a tight-knit bond between members of the brotherhood, particularly among the higher ranked members.

There is a main hall on each continent, and each main hall has several outposts across the continent. The main hall is always in a major city. The largest is on the continent Alvaria in the undine city of Ralladbeth

Each member can generally expect a new rank every few levels, but you can be promoted early or held in a position in certain circumstances.

Level Rank Draconic Title Description
ANY Rookie Ger-thrall Wyrmling Initial Rank; Complete one mission to advance
2+ Recruit Thurir Friend The second most populated rank. Many who are not serious die or leave before advancing past this rank. You are allowed to dine in the dining hall with the brothers
~8 Third Brother Istha-Fog Brother Three Official members of the Brotherhood. All Brothers have a dorm with the Brotherhood.
10+ Second Brother Istha-Jiil Brother Two Mentors to Third Brothers. Many never advance past this rank.
~15 Guild Officers In charge of the Second and Third Brothers. They come to him for advice and he gives missions out to them as well as recruits
16+ Elder Brother Istha-Ir Brother-One These Brothers do more central missions for the guild.
18+ Sentinel Shivi Guard There are typically two sentinels for each of the three Grand Council Members. They travel together as a party.
20+ Grand Council Member Sove-Nao Guide-Wise These Members confer directly with Maekrix Jaelayn on guild direction and policy

The Bronze Brotherhood

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