Dominant Races

Many Diverse Societies
There are many different kinds of human civilizations across the world, typically defined by their environment. Very versatile, also good at adapting to life in the societies of other races. With short life spans in comparison to the other races, they tend to be more rash and passionate. Those that hold prejudice toward humans view them as weak and inferior.

LN Society
Air elemental humanoids. Slyphs value aesthetics and view it as the main measure of how civilized a society is. However, nothing can be as beautiful as Sylphan craftsmanship in the eyes of a Sylph, which can cause a bit of a superiority complex. Sylphan society is orderly and most are happy to live by the rules and keep out of trouble, except for one common weakness: they love to eavesdrop. They have a knack for being undetected and a reserved curiosity of the people around them. This causes many Sylphs who reject the structured life to become rogues or spies. The largest kingdom is in the eastern planes of Alvaria, although smaller communities exist elsewhere. Many sylphs are proficient in magic, and magic academies across the continents are filled with highly skilled and disciplined mages.

LG Society
Earth elemental humanoids. Oreads hold fast in traditions, and worship their ancestors as readily as their God, Ronst. They are a major power in the southern continent of Coramor, but have only a small secondary civilization in the western mountain range of Altvaria. They value honesty, honor and integrity but can be overbearing and prejudiced toward others who do not share their virtues. Clerics and members of the clergy are not only religious authorities but hold sway in the government as well as advisers to the Orsti, or King. While arcane magic is not viewed negatively, divine magic is certainly considered the higher calling.

CN Society
Water Elemental humanoids. In general Undines are charismatic and happy, however they can be dramatic or even deceitful. They are the great merchants of the world, and can be found in every corner of Seksaroth. Next to humans, they are the most likely to be able to adapt to a foreign society. (Though they almost never settle away from water) Their societies are typically loosely governed. The guards they employ are only for the apprehension and detainment of violent criminals. In all Undine societies, there is a large amount of trade and diversity. Almost no Undines hold inherent prejudice to any other race, viewing others as individuals. Common Alignments: CN, CG, CE, NG (almost never L)

NE Society
Fire Elemental humanoids. Fiery, passionate and impatient. Still, they seem to have skill in alchemy and a love of tinkering. In fact, they have recently invented guns, and are the only civilization to use steam power over arcane power. They are typically looked at as an evil society. Slavery, warfare, and underhanded dealings are commonplace in their communities. Almost no wizards are Ifrits, but a high number are sorcerers. Common Alignments: NE, CN, CE, N (almost never L)

N Society
Essentially Fey-touched Humanoids. Reclusive, there is only one (albeit large) known civilization in the forests on Altaria. It was only fairly recently a few have decided to out of their forests. Since they do not interact much with the outside world, little is known about them. They are superstitious, quirky and light-hearted. Their knowledge of nature is extensive. They are wary of outsiders, but a few have gained their trust and are accepted as one of the tribe. There is little distinction between arcane and divine magic in their culture; all magic users are considered ‘shamans’ of different kinds. Physically, they have a human average build,brown hair (full range of shades), and brown-hazel-green-bright green eyes. They all have one plant-like feature that varies from person to person. Common Alignments: CN, N, NG (Almost never LG or CE; usually some kind of N)

NG Society
“Astral-Touched” Most reclsuive and mysteries of all the dominant races. They mainly keep to themselves and try not to interfere with the goings-on of the other races. They live on an island SW of Bethraen. There are no regular trade routes to/from the island. Occasionally Jerrans will leave the island to pursue a life elsewhere, but many return there after middle age and become the next elders to lead their people. They have dark gray skin and are quiet and thoughtful. Their eyes can be any color of the rainbow – colors often run in the family. Hair is monochrome: white, black, all shades between. Many Jerrans are adept magic users, making their civilization one of the most advanced technologically. Common Alignments: N (never LG, CG, LE, CE)

Other Races of the World

* The Bronze Brotherhood

Important People

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