Notes from 1/29

Torissa wonders if we should try to do something about the orange pool. We decide to put a drop of Erylium’s (sinspawn) blood into the orange pool. We are readied when a sinspawn comes forth. Torissa puts a drop of her own blood in there and one more sinspawn comes forth, totaling 4 sinspawn.

We return to the guild and tell Anya of our findings. We then go rest at the Rusty Dragon Inn. We go to sell stuff to the blacksmith, Kamala.

III. Catacombs of Wrath
Wrath and Demons

The Heroes (Now only Eydan, Gracehana, and Irok) go down the tunnels from the glassworks and into a side cavern. They encounter a sinspawn, who seems particularly interested in Irok, and in fact poisons him.

After defeating the guard, they see a paladin with the emerald brooch. She explains that she was sent to investigate a strange aura coming from beneath the earth. She split up with her party and had used her ability to detect evil to arrive here. She offers to go investigate further with them.

The cavern ends when it comes to a room inside of a catacomb, with the tunnel breaking straight into the side of it. In the next room, they find a red statue of a woman with draconian features. Her hair is tied back with blades and she has in her hands a book with seven pointed star and a Metal-and-Ivory Ransuer. Irok takes the masterwork polearm.

Then down the steps to a room with a large round pool in the center. There, they battle a Vargouille who paralyzes Irok in an attempt to turn him into one of it’s own.

They find a spiral staircase leading up to the surface – the original entrance. They back track and find a prison room with two sinspawn lying in wait. They are defeated quickly, again seeming to focus on Irok, and on Torissa as well this time. Going further they find a torture room and a study.

Then a strange room used for housing zombies in pits, guarded by a Draconian. They defeat the Draconian, and the zombies with little difficultly. To the south, they find a spiral staircase leading down, from which disturbing moans, screams, and groans can be heard. They also find the lounge which is enchanted with a levitation spell.

The final room contains the Quasit demon mentioned in Tsuto’s Journal. The tiny figure holds a dead Tsuto and drops him into a glowing triangular orange pool. It glows brightly and a sinspawn emerges. Then she cuts her wrist, letting the blood drip into the pool, and another sinspawn appears. The pools dims considerably, but does not go out completely.

The quasit attempts to use her invisibility and ability to summon monsters to defeat the party. In the end, Irok leaps from the stairs and deals a mortal blow with the Masterwork Ransuer, ending the battle.

II. The Glassworks
Glass and Horror

The Heroes (Eydan, Gracehana, Irok, and Tark) go to the graveyard and find the corpse of a former High Priest missing, along with two zombies which appeared to be summoned via a Robe of Bones. Later, they go on a hunt with Beldit who proves to be an odd character. Eydan, who stayed behind, got to know a few of the locals.

Later, they meet up and witness an argument at the Rusty Dragon Inn between Ameiko, the proprietor and Lonjiku, her father. He says he is leaving for Magnimar and tells her she can come with him or be written off. She refuses. Eydan offers her assistance, but she seems to handle herself well.

A drunken patron fills in the back story. Her mother had a child with another man. The son (Tsuto) grew up and was shunned, eventually leaving. Lonjiku is rumored to be the cause of his wife’s demise. Tsuto returned for the funeral, got into a fight with Lonjiku, punching him, and then left again.

The next morning, the heroes run into a servant of Ameiko’s, an old Undine woman. She gives them a note leading us to the glassworks. The heroes storm the quiet Glassworks and find several goblins inside the main furnace room, mutilating bodies. Lonjiku is there, encased in glass.

Further exploration discovers Tsuto downstairs. He runs when he is near beaten. Gracehana and Irok attempt to chase him while Eydan searches the other rooms. They lose Tsuto but Eydan manages to find Ameiko. Tark escorts him back into town . The heroes find Tsuto’s Journal, and decide to try to follow him.

I. The Guild Festival
Fun and Fire

The heroes (Eydan, Gracehana, Irok, and Tark) arrived at the city of Ralladbeth just in time for the festival, alongside other recruits and their new Guild Officer: Lady Anya Rowan. They were ushered past the long line and entered the large Undine city. After the (boring) initial speeches by the Mayor, High Priest, and Guild Mistress, there was food, drink, games, and contests to be enjoyed.

At the close of the festival, the High Priest came once again to speak at the podium. Before he could begin his consecration speech for the new Temple of Yudin, a scream rang out.

Next came the chaos, as Goblins wielding flame began to run out from every nook and cranny and start to slash (and eat) everything and everyone gathered for the festival. Many people run for safety while the guard and guild members attempt to fight off the raiders. Our heroes join in the fray, and even manage to save another recruit, Beldit. Overall the raid did little lasting damage to the town, and had far less human than goblin casualties.

Afterwards, Lady Anya informed the party that the raid was well planned – by a human. In addition, there was significant damage near the graveyard. She asks the party to help investigate in the morning. They are also given their Brooches from the guild, and then go rest up at the Rusty Dragon Inn.

i. Beginnings

Fern: Eydan Cloudwalker Sylph Cleric

Jake: Tark SharptongueTengu Gunslinger

Greg: Gracehana HuntinghawkFeyfolk Ranger

Mike: Irok Veridin Ifrit Rogue

Character Guidelines:

  1. Decide on a character concept
    1. Race: See the Races page for common races (a bunch of stuff from the ARG is available, but not everything)
    2. Class: no restrictions. let me know if you plan to work towards a specific prestige class.
    3. Alignment: ANY
  2. Write a back story
    1. Check the races page for info regarding each society and if you have any other questions about the world check here or ask me and I’ll fill you in.
    2. The Bronze Brotherhood is the guild I’m using to connect all of you. You must have some kind of strong bond to it. It’s a Neutral, mercenary guild which gets recruits in any way you can think of. Again, the guild must be IMPORTANT to your character, whether s/hes using it to achieve a more personal goal, actually cares about the job or is indentured to them, it needs to be in your character history
  3. AFTER I get a back story, you can roll your character — I really want to make sure your concept fits within this setting before you roll everything out.
    1. Level 1
    2. Max HD Level 1
    3. 4d6 reroll ones, drop the lowest for stats

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