i. Beginnings

Fern: Eydan Cloudwalker Sylph Cleric

Jake: Tark SharptongueTengu Gunslinger

Greg: Gracehana HuntinghawkFeyfolk Ranger

Mike: Irok Veridin Ifrit Rogue

Character Guidelines:

  1. Decide on a character concept
    1. Race: See the Races page for common races (a bunch of stuff from the ARG is available, but not everything)
    2. Class: no restrictions. let me know if you plan to work towards a specific prestige class.
    3. Alignment: ANY
  2. Write a back story
    1. Check the races page for info regarding each society and if you have any other questions about the world check here or ask me and I’ll fill you in.
    2. The Bronze Brotherhood is the guild I’m using to connect all of you. You must have some kind of strong bond to it. It’s a Neutral, mercenary guild which gets recruits in any way you can think of. Again, the guild must be IMPORTANT to your character, whether s/hes using it to achieve a more personal goal, actually cares about the job or is indentured to them, it needs to be in your character history
  3. AFTER I get a back story, you can roll your character — I really want to make sure your concept fits within this setting before you roll everything out.
    1. Level 1
    2. Max HD Level 1
    3. 4d6 reroll ones, drop the lowest for stats

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