Eydan Cloudwalker

Male Sylph Cleric of Osnon (Chaotic Good)


Born to wealthy parents, Eydan lived the first part of his life accustomed to being waited upon hand-and-foot. His parents, as well as most of Sylph society, valued law and tradition. They also valued gossip, and when a nosy housemaid looking for a raise overheard a conversation between Eydan and Han about the intimate nature of their relationship, all hell broke loose. Due to a general negative attitude toward homosexuality in Siivan, Eydan was cast out my his parents with only the clothes on his back. He was discarded not only by them but the man he loved (Han did not wish to suffer a similar fate).
Making his way from town to town, Eydan became involved with the church of Osnon. First a recipient of charity, his embrace from the church led to his path of becoming a cleric, melding his innate air affinity with the chaotic soul he had become. Eydan’s first mission as a cleric of Osnon was to give aid to the Bronze Brotherhood.

Alignment-CG- although ostracized by his community, Eydan still has a good heart but little regard for what others expect of him.

Myers Briggs- ENTP (extroversion, intuition, thinking, perception) Described as clever, cerebrally and verbally quick, enthusiastic, flexible and resourceful. Motivated to improve the world. Usually accurate in sizing up a situation. Perverse sense of humor and sometimes plays devils advocate, which can create misunderstandings. Devises fresh unexpected solutions to difficult problems. Less interested with carrying out plans and more with coming up with ideas. Also called inventors, most resistant to doing things a certain way because of tradition. Generally informative and people are attracted to his ideas.

Right now I am on a mission of self-discovery drawing from others to learn about myself while helping them.

Eydan Cloudwalker

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