II. The Glassworks

Glass and Horror

The Heroes (Eydan, Gracehana, Irok, and Tark) go to the graveyard and find the corpse of a former High Priest missing, along with two zombies which appeared to be summoned via a Robe of Bones. Later, they go on a hunt with Beldit who proves to be an odd character. Eydan, who stayed behind, got to know a few of the locals.

Later, they meet up and witness an argument at the Rusty Dragon Inn between Ameiko, the proprietor and Lonjiku, her father. He says he is leaving for Magnimar and tells her she can come with him or be written off. She refuses. Eydan offers her assistance, but she seems to handle herself well.

A drunken patron fills in the back story. Her mother had a child with another man. The son (Tsuto) grew up and was shunned, eventually leaving. Lonjiku is rumored to be the cause of his wife’s demise. Tsuto returned for the funeral, got into a fight with Lonjiku, punching him, and then left again.

The next morning, the heroes run into a servant of Ameiko’s, an old Undine woman. She gives them a note leading us to the glassworks. The heroes storm the quiet Glassworks and find several goblins inside the main furnace room, mutilating bodies. Lonjiku is there, encased in glass.

Further exploration discovers Tsuto downstairs. He runs when he is near beaten. Gracehana and Irok attempt to chase him while Eydan searches the other rooms. They lose Tsuto but Eydan manages to find Ameiko. Tark escorts him back into town . The heroes find Tsuto’s Journal, and decide to try to follow him.


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