I. The Guild Festival

Fun and Fire

The heroes (Eydan, Gracehana, Irok, and Tark) arrived at the city of Ralladbeth just in time for the festival, alongside other recruits and their new Guild Officer: Lady Anya Rowan. They were ushered past the long line and entered the large Undine city. After the (boring) initial speeches by the Mayor, High Priest, and Guild Mistress, there was food, drink, games, and contests to be enjoyed.

At the close of the festival, the High Priest came once again to speak at the podium. Before he could begin his consecration speech for the new Temple of Yudin, a scream rang out.

Next came the chaos, as Goblins wielding flame began to run out from every nook and cranny and start to slash (and eat) everything and everyone gathered for the festival. Many people run for safety while the guard and guild members attempt to fight off the raiders. Our heroes join in the fray, and even manage to save another recruit, Beldit. Overall the raid did little lasting damage to the town, and had far less human than goblin casualties.

Afterwards, Lady Anya informed the party that the raid was well planned – by a human. In addition, there was significant damage near the graveyard. She asks the party to help investigate in the morning. They are also given their Brooches from the guild, and then go rest up at the Rusty Dragon Inn.


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